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-34 would be removed from the candidate list, including $4.5M from a parking garage in downtown Albany that never came online, and $1.8M for a new Albany County Courthouse that was never built. But Kees said in order to write a letter like this, he had to read them closely and then make sure the money wasn’t going to be spent on a facility that wasn’t of public need. “For example, the (proposed) Albany County Sheriff’s headquarters was sold to the state,” he said, adding that the money will be used to help the Albany County Sheriff’s department. “I’m concerned that the money that was supposed to go to the Albany County Sheriff’s department was actually used on the Albany County Courthouse, which is not a facility that needed it,” he said. “So I had to read those, closely, and I still can’t say definitively that that’s exactly what happened.” Kees said he hopes by making it public, “other county commissioners will have the same conversation about how the commissioners do their business.” Another question that he had was what to do with the proposed $11M for the project that was vetoed in 2014. “The reason I think there’s so much misinformation about this is there was a lot of confusion at that time. It was my understanding that the project would be funded by the legislature and not the county,” he said, adding that he thought it was still a viable project. “I felt that, at that point, the state had a right to do that because the project was still viable. I guess there’s a lot of misinformation out there,” he said. Other cities across the country, Kees said, are looking to move the airport’s terminal operations to a fixed-base operator that can be leased as needed. “The state could just let that project go,” he said. “Why not move it to a company that can lease it on a monthly basis?” It may sound like a lot of work to determine if the money is going where it should be, but it’s not, Kees said. “I think that if you read the law, the process is actually very



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Sonar X3 Melodyne Serial Number [Latest 2022]

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